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Re: When is WinXP not WinXP?? - not *really* OT

Christopher Faylor <> wrote in">

>>> Daniel Miller <> wrote in
>>> Xns958070E64AD1Adancarddupercom@">news:Xns958070E64AD1Adancarddupercom@ 
>>> I propose that this is *not* really off-topic, since the problems 
>>> I'm experiencing do not occur in cmd.exe, nor in 4NT, only in Bash. 
>>> So it's something Bash is doing in its environment that is breaking
>>> StdOut, at least relative to whatever Win32 looks at.
> Why does it matter?  If that was the case, are you asking if we will
> change cygwin to help get your application working?  If so, the answer
> is "no".
> You've found your problem.  Don't use STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE for this 
> Use STD_INPUT_HANDLE instead.  Problem solved.
Actually, no, problem not solved.  First of all, disregarding the 
redirection issue entirely, GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo() is used in Win32 
programs to get information about the console configuration.  I need that 
information regardless.

STD_INPUT_HANDLE does *not* solve the problem, it isn't valid at all in 
that function, even in a normal console (cmd.exe) (I tested it).  The 
StdOut handle is used because I want info about the window I'm writing 
to.  The function works properly in every console except Bash, which is 
why I'm presenting the issue on this group.  I don't think this is an 
unreasonable request.  

Besides, I'm not necessarily suggesting that the problem is even with 
Bash itself, since Bash works on another XP machine.  I'm mainly trying 
to figure out what the difference is between XPPro+Bash and XPHome+Bash.  
But either way, Bash itself *is* a required component in creating this 
failure mechanism; no other console program produces it...

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