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Re: SableVM & Cygwin (was: Re: sablevm + windows)

Hi Gerrit,
many thanks for this. Great !

Speaking only for myself, I believe that option (2) would be the appropriate one. It might be nice to include it also back to gcc but I suspect that sablevm developers might prefer to not have that dependency.

I'll fetch your patches and test and let you know.

Many thanks.....Peter

On Oct 13, 2004, at 11:57 AM, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

Hi Peter,

coming back to this now.

I'm also willing to help port and maintain.

Fine. I have to offer two possible scenarios.

I have a stripped down standalone libffi package with a shared libffi
now.  This version is based on the sources from the cygwin release of
gcc-3.3.3. You can take this package and maintain it, that means update
it when Cygwin GCC is updated and integrate the changes happened in the
libffi subdirectory.

Include this stripped down libffi version with the SableVM sourcetree
and link libffi into the main DLL as a convenience library.

IMO it would be easier to keep it uptodate when it is included with the
SableVM sources and also distributed this way. So one can continue when
you or me are gone.

I have a patch I can send you, there is the stripped down libffi
integrated in the SablVM build.  The standalone libffi is available as
separate package from my webserver:

Ready compiled SableVM binary and source package:

The source package includes also the patch and uses a statically libffi,
so it doesn't need a FFI DLL. Could you verify that this SableVM works
as expected, please?

Classpath is still compiling.


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