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Re: libtool / assembler problem with -DPIC

Charles Wilson schrieb:
Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
With GNU as PIC is not an noop, when -DPIC is used to invoke gas the
generated assembly is broken.  I saw this problem with a
reautoconfiscated version of GMP.  This may be unusual, but there was
libtool used to invoke gas.

While -DPIC is a noop for usual compilation, it is harmful when used
as gas flag to compile assembly, I suggest to remove it entirely when
target is cygwin. Change would be in libtool.m4 line 4971 ff in

Alternative: don't pass flag through when gas is called.

I don't see anywhere that "-DPIC" is ever invoked on cygwin. Please send a patch to libtool.m4 that fixes the problem for you.

The problem is when a user (or makefile) adds this -DPIC, which does no harm usually. Gerrit thought that it might be clever to strip it on cygwin when gas is involved, since this does harm.
Or maybe emit a warning to fix the makefile for cygwin.
(Gerrit: Really -DPIC, not -fPIC?)

BTW, somebody mentioned libtool CVS branch-2.0 as being too "cutting edge" for cygwin use...FYI, libtool-cvs-branch2.0 passes ALL regression tests which is better than libtool has EVER done on our platform. I'm thinking of releasing a test version of the next beta...

Ah! Cannot wait for that. I couldn't find a fix for my -o <noext> => exe problem so far. And libtool --debug is soo huge. -- Reini Urban

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