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Re: Bash: when is WinXP not WinXP??

On Oct 12 17:42, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Daniel Miller wrote:
> > I've already had *one* problem to solve under Home, for some reason
> > Executable flags are not set on files that I copy over the network; I
> > didn't even know Windows *had* executable flags, but I'd copy console
> > utilities which worked fine under XPPro (in both Bash and 4NT), but when I
> > copied them to XPHome and tried to run them, I'd get "access denied".  I
> > ran 'chmod 777' on these files and they all worked fine after that.
> One of the things that MS removed from XP in creating the Home version
> was the ability to modify file ACLs.  The "security" properties tab that
> is normally used is absent.  I don't know if Windows uses some set of
> default/immutable ACLs under-the-hood, or if they simply removed the
> ability to query and set them from the front-end but left the underlying
> ACL machinery.  I suspect the latter.  In that case, when you copy files

You're right.  Under the hood it's a normal kernel and a normal NTFS.
Just the UI is crippled.  From the Cygwin perspective XP home and XP pro 
is the same system.

> via native windows methods, who knows what the ACL gets set to, since
> that version of Windows ostensibly does not support that feature at
> all.  Apparently since chmod and getfacl/setfacl still work then the low

AFAIR cacls is available also on XP home.  But setfacl/getfacl are working
fine, too, if POSIX permission sets are sufficient for you.


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