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Re: Setup failure: mount error

Dave Korn wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of luke.kendall
>>Sent: 12 October 2004 09:00
>>The registry contained the key
>>HKCU->Software->Cygnus Solutions->Cygwin->mounts v2-> with nothing (to
>>be precise: Name (Default), Type REG_SZ, Data (value not set)).
>>But deleting the Cygnus Solutions tree doesn't help.
>   Sounds like you forgot to delete the same tree under HKLM then?

Well, I did a search on the registry. But you're quite right: a 2nd entry was there. (The registry "find" doesn't work unless you have the HKCU or HKLM root key open for the tree the key appears in.)

Thanks, Dave.

But it hasn't helped. :-(

>>I just tried again, except not deleting the download directory, and
>>this time it checks the md5 signatures, shows that it had
>>just finished
>>checking MD5 for _update-info-dir-00230-1, the alert panel with the
>>window-title of "mount" pops up and says:
>>"Cannot create a file when that file exists." (Okay).
>>and setup then exits.

BTW, that information I gave was incorrect. When I left the files in the temp download directory, the error message from the mount alert window was different. It said "The operation completed successfully."

This is at the 99% Cygwin Setup stage, Downloading. Progress bars look to be about 80% for "Progress:", 99 or 100% for "Total:", and about 5% for "Disk:".

>>I should also add that I've tried a reboot in between.
> Well, what went wrong in the first place was presumably a dll-clash
> between the two cygwin dlls, which had the consequence of messing up _all_
> of the postinstall scripts that setup.exe usually runs to take care of
> creating some very vital parts of infrastructure. Although the old cygwin
> dll has now gone, what you were left with was a *very* damaged fragmentary
> cygwin install. But as long as you've correctly deleted all trace of it,
> you should have no subsequent trouble. That means removing the cygwin
> install dir, the setup downloaded files dir, and _both_ registry keys.

That's what I thought. My problem was in trusting the Registry's search command.

Unfortunately, it's still failing.

Are there any other places in the registry that Cygwin data is kept?

Right now I'll try again, this time deleting both known keys, deleting all the download files, deleting the 300kb of installed Cygwin files,
rebooting, and starting again.


PS: I'm sending this from Thunderbird, so I hope the fullname is adequate.

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