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RE: FW: question about cygwin OpenGL

John P. Sutter writes:
> To step back a bit: My ultimate goal is to install the PyMOL package
> with python on my Windows XP and to run it on cygwin. It appears from
> Brian Ford's message below (my thanks to him) that the cygwin XFree86
> binaries must necessarily include the GLX extension in order to mesh
> with the OpenGL libraries. That means it would be unnecessary to compile
> a GLX package from another source, since the cygwin XFree86 binaries
> already have everything needed. Is this correct?
> I have sent the PyMOL developers a message outlining my problem, but I
> have a few questions that I think would be better answered on a cygwin
> list:
> 1. Is the GLUT library included in cygwin's OpenGL package?
> 2. Does cygwin's python version include support for threads and
> megawidgets?

I just built and ran PyMol using Cygwin on my system

here is how I did it

make sure you have installed the latest python and the 
opengl zlib and ping Cygwin packages prior to the following

1) install Numeric
after untaring cd into top level Numeric directory and execute
python build
python install

2) install Pmw
extract tarball into /lib/python2.3/site-packages

3) Install pyMol
after untaring replace all occurrences of "python2.2" with "python2.3"  
in $pymol/setup/Rules.cygwin
in same file adjust PYMOL_PATH appropriately for your system
cd into the top level pyMol directory and issue execute
python build
python install

pymol should now be installed



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