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[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libncurses8-5.4-1 UPDATED: ncurses-5.4-1, libncurses-devel-5.4-1, ncurses-test-5.4-1

ncurses is a package that provides character and terminal handling 
libraries, including 'gui-like' panels and menus.  It is often used 
instead of termcap.


* updated to 5.4 release, patchlevel 20041009

* moved test programs in the -demo package from 
/usr/bin/ncurses-test-dll to /usr/lib/ncurses/test/, per official policy.

* build using libtool (these contributions were spearheaded by Nicholas 
Wourms over a year ago; Thanks, Nick!)  For an explanation of the delay, 
see the NOTES section, below.

* DLL for C++ interface now provided (again).

* version number bump on the libraries:
     We had: libncurses7 package contained
        <no c++ dll>
     New package libncurses8 contains

There is actually NO ABI change here.  The only reason the dll numbers 
(and package name) was version-bumped was because the switch to using 
libtool means that the DLLs are named
    "cygfoo-N.dll" instead of "cygfooN.dll"
Even if I left "N" the same, what would I call the new package? 
libncurses_7 (since libncurses7 alread contains the non-libtool-built 
versions of the DLLs, from the 5.3-4 release)?

I figured it was cleaner just to bump the DLL and package numbers from 7 
to 8, so that at least the package names would be consistent:

Charles Wilson
ncurses volunteer maintainer for cygwin

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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* In the 5.3-4 release (patchlevel 20040726), a lot of support for 
building shared libs using libtool was added ( !!!!  THANK YOU Nicholas 
Wourms  !!!! ).  Unfortunately, I was not able to actually RELEASE the 
libtool-built ncurses at that time, for the reasons detailed below:

    1) Requires Yet Another DLL rename.  cygncurses7.dll -->
       cygncurses-5.dll (or some other number; the ncurses maintainer
       does not use the same variable to set DLL versions when
       building non-libtool and when building libtool).  But simply
       the '-' is problematic, even if I make both numerals '7'.
       Libtool insists on the '-'.  So, I figured I'd spare
       everybody another version split -- especially as so many
       packages which depend on ncurses have just been rebuilt
       against 5.3-4/1.5.3+; to bump the version again so soon
       would require all of those to be rebuilt, which is really
       unnecessary at this time.

       <UPDATE>: bit the bullet, and reved the DLL number to "8". It's
       been a year, after all.

    2) The libtool wrapper I released recently (with the
       "WANT_LIBTOOL_VER" environment variable) are *almost* right.
       But not quite.  So, I need to release another set of wrappers
       before using them to build one of my maintained packages.

       <UPDATE>: Actually, I forgot about this issue; these wrappers are
       STILL not right, but I finessed it this time.

    3) libtool itself has a bug with multilanguage support and
       relinking.  The '--tag=<language>' is required...but libtool
       doesn't store the tag info in the uninstalled .la file.  So,
       when installing, libtool tries to relink the shared library,
       but without the --tag=CXX flag.  This, of course, fails.
       I've reported this to the libtool developers, and provided
       a simpler testcase, but no joy yet.

       <UPDATE>: The preceeding was written in July 2003.  Presently,
       ncurses + libtool-1.5.10 works fine.

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