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Re: Bash: when is WinXP not WinXP??

Daniel Miller wrote:

> I've already had *one* problem to solve under Home, for some reason
> Executable flags are not set on files that I copy over the network; I
> didn't even know Windows *had* executable flags, but I'd copy console
> utilities which worked fine under XPPro (in both Bash and 4NT), but when I
> copied them to XPHome and tried to run them, I'd get "access denied".  I
> ran 'chmod 777' on these files and they all worked fine after that.
> I should note that my current problem only occurs with Bash, not with
> 4NT...

One of the things that MS removed from XP in creating the Home version
was the ability to modify file ACLs.  The "security" properties tab that
is normally used is absent.  I don't know if Windows uses some set of
default/immutable ACLs under-the-hood, or if they simply removed the
ability to query and set them from the front-end but left the underlying
ACL machinery.  I suspect the latter.  In that case, when you copy files
via native windows methods, who knows what the ACL gets set to, since
that version of Windows ostensibly does not support that feature at
all.  Apparently since chmod and getfacl/setfacl still work then the low
level API has not been disabled, but I suspect there are still some
gotchas that will result from this.


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