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RE: Bash: when is WinXP not WinXP??

"Dave Korn" <> wrote in

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Daniel Miller
>> Sent: 12 October 2004 19:06
>> Does anyone have any idea what XPHome is doing in the Bash 
>> window, that would cause this??  
>   Have you got the same settings in your $CYGWIN, $TERM, and other
> variables?  In particular, if you've got CYGWIN=tty on one machine and
> CYGWIN=notty on the other you can expect different behaviour.

Well, I *did* have CYGWIN=tty on the Home machine, but I changed it to 
notty and didn't effect the problem.

In further looking, tho, I'm finding that there are a number of 
differences between the two systems.  For example, on the Pro machine, 
when I installed Cygwin, it created a c:\cygwin\home directory and 
created my account there.  On the Pro machine, tho, it did *not* create a 
\cygwin\home directory, it created my home directory under "Documents and 
Settings"... so my home directory contains all the Windows directories 
which exist under \D&C\username ... quite odd indeed...
>> I've already had *one* problem to solve under Home, for some reason 
>> Executable flags are not set on files that I copy over the network; I
>> didn't even know Windows *had* executable flags, but I'd copy console
>> utilities which worked fine under XPPro (in both Bash and 
>> 4NT), but when I copied them to XPHome and tried to run them, I'd get
>> "access denied".  I ran 'chmod 777' on these files and they all worked
>> fine after that.
>   Perhaps what happened is that it *did* copy the flags, but you don't
>   have corresponding user names on the two machines, so the user you 
>   were logged in as on XPHome got the 'o'ther access perms rather 
>   than the 'u'ser or 'g'roup settings?
oooooooo, now my brain is starting to get broken...

On the Pro machine, my Windows login is "dmiller" but my Cygwin username 
is "derelict"... I don't know how it got that way; I certainly didn't 
deliberately do it, because Cygwin doesn't *have* the useradd command, 
which is the only way I know how to create users under linux...

On the Home machine, in the meantime, my Windows login is "derelict" and 
so is my Cygwin username!!  So copying files from Pro to Home machine 
should have worked *better*, yes??

I'm very confused.

In the meantime, I still don't see how this owner/group/other discrepancy 
could have prevented me from running executable programs from a *Windows* 
command prompt???

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