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Re: Perl 5.8.5 and libwin32 0.191-1 incompatibility

Impson, Jeremy schrieb:
I updated Perl to version 5.8.5-3 from 5.8.2-1, and found that my Perl scripts can no longer ...
So it turns out that the OLE (and probably other) parts of the Win32 perl module are linked to cygperl5_8_2.dll, ...

Sure, known issues. You might have better searched the ml archive. But a little bit of handcrafting enlarges the horizon also.

Would renaming cygperlX_Y_Z.dll to cygperlX_Y.dll break anything?

In this case no. Best bet. Also move the 5.8.2 tree to 5.8.5 or add 5.8.2 to your $PERL_LIB.

Or get the perl-libwin32 src, and run the build script against your current 5.8.5 installation. The patch is huge (2MB), some will fail, but most will install ok. Then rebuild it and ITP the update in cygwin-apps.

Any thoughts? Please CC: me as I am not on the list. Thanks.

Yes. You might want to persuade the perl-libwin32 maintainer (Rafael) to update his package. Or persuade the current perl maintainer to fix and include the broken libwin modules.
Both attempts are very unlikely, until someone posts patches upstream, which will fix all known cygwin issues. (See
The cygwin libwin port is not very good handled upstream (since it was an activestate thing), and Rafael did a great job adding several useful related packages. (Win32::GUI, Win32::API, ...) Unfortunately it's lacking an active maintainer now.

Some libwin packages are known not to build anymore in its latest versions (Win32::OLE, Win32::API::Callback e.g.), esp. most Aldo modules, because he doesn't test it on cygwin (and doesn't know how to write proper CPAN packages).
But Win32::GUI will have a new stable release soon. (for Win32::API)
Reini Urban

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