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RE: Bash: when is WinXP not WinXP??

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Daniel Miller
> Sent: 12 October 2004 19:06

> under Bash.  Under WXPPro/Bash it worked fine.  However, under Home 
> edition, my utility apparently thinks its output is being 
> redirected, so it 
> tries to generate the output as html code (to preserve 
> colors), which of 
> course generates tons of garbage.

  Then your code has a bug.  Whatever technique it is using to decide if it
is being redirected is wrong.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that
changing your output format if you think you're being redirected is wrong
full stop.  Let the output format be under control of a command-line switch.
If someone is going to decide to redirect the output, they can decide to
give the option for html output as well.

> Does anyone have any idea what XPHome is doing in the Bash 
> window, that 
> would cause this??  

  Have you got the same settings in your $CYGWIN, $TERM, and other
variables?  In particular, if you've got CYGWIN=tty on one machine and
CYGWIN=notty on the other you can expect different behaviour.

>If necessary I can extract and post my 
> Win32 code that 
> is doing screen init, but I'm hoping we can deal with this on 
> a XPHome vs XPPro basis and figure it out.  

  There aren't (as far as I know) any substantial differences between them
that would be likely to cause these problems.  

> I've already had *one* problem to solve under Home, for some reason 
> Executable flags are not set on files that I copy over the network; I 
> didn't even know Windows *had* executable flags, but I'd copy console 
> utilities which worked fine under XPPro (in both Bash and 
> 4NT), but when I 
> copied them to XPHome and tried to run them, I'd get "access 
> denied".  I 
> ran 'chmod 777' on these files and they all worked fine after that.

  Perhaps what happened is that it *did* copy the flags, but you don't have
corresponding user names on the two machines, so the user you were logged in
as on XPHome got the 'o'ther access perms rather than the 'u'ser or 'g'roup

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