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Bash: when is WinXP not WinXP??

I've been using WinXP Pro for awhile now, with few problems.  Now, however, 
I'm using WinXP Home on one of our systems, and I keep finding things that 
work differently on it, which is *very* annoying...

The most recent problem is running one of my Windows console utilities 
under Bash.  Under WXPPro/Bash it worked fine.  However, under Home 
edition, my utility apparently thinks its output is being redirected, so it 
tries to generate the output as html code (to preserve colors), which of 
course generates tons of garbage.

Does anyone have any idea what XPHome is doing in the Bash window, that 
would cause this??  If necessary I can extract and post my Win32 code that 
is doing screen init, but I'm hoping we can deal with this on a XPHome vs 
XPPro basis and figure it out.  

I've already had *one* problem to solve under Home, for some reason 
Executable flags are not set on files that I copy over the network; I 
didn't even know Windows *had* executable flags, but I'd copy console 
utilities which worked fine under XPPro (in both Bash and 4NT), but when I 
copied them to XPHome and tried to run them, I'd get "access denied".  I 
ran 'chmod 777' on these files and they all worked fine after that.

I should note that my current problem only occurs with Bash, not with 

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