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Re: problem with find/grep

> On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Daniel Miller wrote:
> > On linux systems, I typically to global searches with a command such as:
> >
> >     find . -name "*.[ch]*" -exec grep -H -n stuff {} \;
> >
> > and this works nicely.  However, when I try the same command under
> > (from a 4NT prompt, not Bash), I get "find: missing argument to '-exec'
> > I tried a variety of modifications to the command but nothing makes this
> > work.  What am I missing??
> I'd bet it's the fact that 4NT uses different quoting mechanisms than
> bash.  Try quoting the semicolon as ";" instead of \;.

Oh, my!!  That indeed worked!!  Thanks!!

> I won't ask the implied "Why not use bash?" question...

Hokay, then I won't answer!!  I suspect this subject has been discussed
several times in the past here, if I recall past perusal of the list... but
there really *are* a few things that 4NT does better (or does at all) as
opposed to Bash.

I'll admit, tho, that if I hadn't already paid for 4DOS/4NT (over a decade
ago, actually), I wouldn't buy it now, with Bash available for free...


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