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Re: SSH Rsa key weirdness.

On Oct 11 23:46, wrote:
> I am attempting to use RSA keys to connect to a user, from a remote box.
> RSA keys are created on my main machine instead of the cygwin machine.
> Normally I copy them over and change permissions, authorized_keys, auth
> against the .pub and it works.
> If I copy my authorized_keys file over and change permissions it fails to
> auth with the .pub.

WFM.  I'm doing the same over and over again.

There's just one problem on Cygwin which you don't have on Linux.  The
authorized_keys file must be readable by SYSTEM, resp. by the user running
the sshd service (sshd_server on 2K3 if you installed via ssh-host-config).
You can add read perms for SYSTEM (or sshd_server) e. g. by calling

  setfacl -m u:SYSTEM:r-- ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

> If i run:
> ssh-user-config

ssh-user-config does exactly that, adding read permission for SYSTEM or
sshd_server.  That's probably the reason it works ;-)

> CYGWIN makes Windows work a lot easier for Linux guys like me :)



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