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Setup failure: mount error

I've just tried installing Cygwin on a freshly-setup Windows 2000 PC.

I made one terrible error when installing Cygwin - before I started,
I set my PATH to reference a copyt of Cygwin installed on the network.

    (Note: Recent experiments convinced me that I have to forget about
    trying to automate the install with shell scripts from a copy of
    Cygwin installed, kicking off setup.exe and then running local
    post-install scripts.)

Anyway, I typed one command, "mount", with no arguments, and saw the
expected output - a listing of the drive mappings.  I then ran setup.

But setup failed, and continues to fail: after downloading all packages,
(99% complete), an alert panel with a window-title of "mount" pops up 
that says:
"Cannot create a file when that file exists." (Okay).

Clicking on Okay exits from setup. (In a way that your setup choices
are forgotten the next time you try, incidentally.)  Setup has created
etc, bin, and a few other files.   A total of 6 files, 18 folders.

I suspect it's a side-effect of me typing "mount", earlier.  I know not
to do that ever again.  But what do I do now?

I've tried rebooting, and deleting the Cygwin skeleton directories that
had started to be created, and deleted every (the single) mention of Cygnus
that I found in the registry.  But setup still fails.

The setup.log finishes like this:

    2004/10/12 17:10:05 Downloaded d:\temp/http%3a%2f%2fweb%2fu%2fmirror%2fcygwin/release/zsh/zsh-4.2.0-2.tar.bz2
    2004/10/12 17:10:05 Downloaded d:\temp/http%3a%2f%2fweb%2fu%2fmirror%2fcygwin/release/_update-info-dir/_update-info-dir-00230-1.tar.bz2
    2004/10/12 17:18:04 Ending cygwin install

setup.log.full ends with the same two lines.

Any suggestion?  Surely I don't have to reinstall W2K?


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