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Re: libtool bug

Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

Evidently, this fails, because  libguile.dll.a lives in
/home/Hanwen/src/guile-1.7.1/libguile/.libs; however,
running GCC with

-L/home/Hanwen/src/guile-1.7.1/libguile/.libs -lguile

does work, so libtool is incorrectly translating the commandline.
I take that I don't need to run GCC with -Wl,verbose ?

/home/Hanwen/src/guile-1.7.1/libguile/.libs /home/Hanwen/src/guile-1.7.1/libguile-ltdl/.libs appears the real problem is the renaming of the source directory, from libguile to libguile-ltdl. I've seen libtool do that sort of thing for single .c files (creating new versions of foo.c as .libs/foo-ltdl.c, etc. It does this when compiling different versions of the same file with different AM_CFLAGS) but I have NEVER, EVER seen it rename a directory.

This smells like a bug, or an automake bug, actually...

Where is this -ltdl coming from? (If it's a typo in transcribing the original terminal display into your email, then PLEASE clarify that or we'll be going in circles).


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