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Re: Compiling LAM MPI

Gerrit P. Haase <gp <at>> writes:

> I have some replacement functions for inet_ntop & inet_pton which I
> found in the kaffe sources, these don't include coyright notices and
> compile ok on Cygwin.

Hallo Gerrit,

I've explicitely included them for Cygwin :)

According to the changelog:

2003-06-12 Dalibor Topic <>

        * check for inet_ntop and inet_pton.

        * config/, configure,

        * replace/
        (libreplace_la_SORCES) Add inet_ntop.c and inet_pton.c.

        * replace/inet_ntop.c, replace/inet_pton.c:
        new files, taken from ircii, distributed under a BSD type license.

thanks for pointing them out, I'll add them to THIRDPARTY file in CVS, which
describes upstreams for third party code in Kaffe with its (GPL-compatible)

dalibor topic

p.s. I still havent got around to merge your Kaffe patches in. I've confirmed
that I can boot win98 in qemu on my box, so I'll install it on a file, and pull
Cygwin on it. Unfortunately, the current cross-tools tollchain for cygwin seems
broken, so I'm afraid it will take a bit longer till I can pull in your patches
for Kaffe. Just to let you know I'm still on it :)

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