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Re: SSHD installation defaults / security

On Oct 11 13:29, Jochen Wezel wrote:
> Hi!
> I've installed today the current release of cygwin (1.5.11-1) with OpenSSH
> package.
> There are 2 issues:
> 1. This package (or at least the ssh-host-config script) depends on
> cygserver

Neither the package nor ssh-host-config depend on cygserver.  Dunno how
you get the idea.  Do you mean cygrunsrv?  Yes, the ssh-host-config script
depends on it *iff* you answer the question to install sshd as a service.

I'm not sure if the package should require cygrunsrv, though.  The
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README file mentions that cygrunsrv is
required to install sshd as service on NT systems.

> 2. After installation, the /etc/sshd_config file allows SSH protocol 1 by
> default. Since this protocol 1 has a coneceptual security hole, it should
> not be available after standard setup. If somebody requires it, he had to
> manually configure the sshd_config. That's why I suggest to change that file
> to:
> Port 22
> Protocol 2 #,1			# <-- activate protocol version 1 here, if
> you really require it
> #ListenAddress
> #ListenAddress ::
> Please can the developers do these changes?

The above installation of /etc/sshd_config is, except for a small Cygwin
specific tweak, the same sshd_config file as you get it when building and
installing OpenSSH from scratch.  There's no reason to change that unless
the core developers of OpenSSH decide to install it differently.


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