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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: patchutils 0.2.30-1

Patchutils (a suite of programs to perform useful manipulations on 
unidiff-format patches) has been updated to new upstream version 0.2.30 
(from 0.2.30pre1)

All previous Cygwin-local patches were merged upstream in this release.

The upstream ChangeLog is shown below:

2004-07-15  Tim Waugh  <>

 * Version 0.2.30 (stable).

2004-07-15  Tim Waugh  <>

 * src/filterdiff.c (display_filename): Better padding for file

2004-07-07  Tim Waugh  <>

 * src/diff.c (read_timezone): New function.
 (read_timestamp): Use it.  Suggested by Shawn Wagner, for parsing
 another common traditional date format.

2004-07-03  Tim Waugh  <>

 * src/filterdiff.c (syntax): Explain --number-files a bit more.

 * src/filterdiff.c (hunk_matches): Don't call file_matches()

2004-07-02  Tim Waugh  <>

 * src/filterdiff.c: New --number-files option for lsdiff/grepdiff.
 * doc/patchutils.xml (lsdiff): Document it.

2004-05-19  Tim Waugh  <>

 * src/filterdiff.c (hunk_matches): Small correction.

2004-05-14  Tim Waugh  <>

 * doc/patchutils.xml (interdiff.1): Clarify requirement for
 reference files being exactly the same.

2004-05-07  Tim Waugh  <>

 * doc/patchutils.xml: For grepdiff -n output format refer to the
 lsdiff man page.

 * src/filterdiff.c (main): Prevent -n being accepted by

2004-05-06  Tim Waugh  <>

 * doc/patchutils.xml: Include --hunks/--lines/--files in lsdiff man

 * src/filterdiff.c: Fixed --help output.

 * src/filterdiff.c: Added --files option, based on work by
 Sérgio Monteiro Basto <>.
 * doc/patchutils.xml: Document it.

 * tests/lsdiff12/run-test: Avoid using /dev/stdin, which is not
 available on Cygwin set-ups.
 * tests/flip*/run-test: Use /bin/echo instead of the shell builtin.
 Patch from Max Bowsher <>.

Max Bowsher.


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