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RE: Cygwin & openssh(d) & login without password

Though it will doubtlessly annoy the senior participants of this list, I
would like to thank Richard Troy and lex ein for their well-written and
lucid comments on new-comers' experiences in attempting to use these tools.
As a someone without a programming background (but who is a teacher) who has
struggled to use, i.e. configure, Cygwin (and other Linux/Unix systems)
effectively both for myself and with my students over the past several
years, I can attest that their observations are dead-on.  I would
respectfully ask that the developers keep these messages in mind as they
pursue the hard work on these programs that they justly deserve
congratulations and thanks for doing.

William Budell
Alief Independent School District

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Subject: Re: Cygwin & openssh(d) & login without password

(I don't know _why_ I'm sitting at the keys on this glorious Saturday
morning, nor do I know why I'm replying to such a thread... Oh wait,
"I was a newbie once, too, and I remember what that was like." Yeah,
that's it! True, that was "back in the day," but I still remember...)


> BECAUSE in the case of openssh(and others), the "official documentation"
> is of little use to a new user: information is not gathered, stored, or
> presented in a orderly, logical, or sensible hierarchical manner, is not
> meaningfully cross-referenced, and is not reasonably searchable.  There's
> just no usable thread to pull to unravel the mystery, either.

Well Lex, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. First of all, though, you need to
realize that WJM. Yes, and not just the Cygwinners - and Cygwhiners - but
the whole Unix/Linux community!

As I see it, the single biggest problem for Unix/Linux acceptance by a
wider community is lack of an intuitive help strategy.

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