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Re: Cygwin & openssh(d) & login without password

>> 3. One may try 'help ssh' and be told to "try 'man -k ssh' which
>> produces  "ssh: nothing appropriate", another showstopper.  One _might_
>> ultimately  try 'man ssh' instead and get (sort of) lucky.

> This is *your* setup, this has nothing to do with openssh:

> $ man -k ssh
> [...]
> ssh (1) - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
> ssh [slogin] (1) - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
> ssh-add (1) - adds RSA or DSA identities to the authentication agent

Well, one could say it has to do with *your* setup.
>cygcheck -c openssh
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
openssh              3.9p1-1        OK

>man -k ssh
ssh: nothing appropriate

> I think if it is too much for Joe User to:
> 1. read just four pages of docu
> 2. after searching the docu one hour
> 3. just to get sshd up and running the first time

You are hardly a new user, Gerritt.  Not a new user to ssh, a new user
*period*. Lots of things are "obvious" to an experienced user that aren't to a
new user (something I'm thankfully reminded of every time I sit with my wife at
a computer for more than five minutes).  And the steps lex ein laid are
extremely accurate.  For a new user.


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