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How to build PHP 4.3.8 for latest cygwin and apache 1.3

After lots of headbanging and trying to follow Brian Dessent's
progress with packaging php for apache, I'd almost given up until I
found this gem of a thread on how to build php, as a module, for
apache 1.3 on Cygwin, just like in the good old days. 

I'm sure Brian will do a great job when the package is released
properly, but I noticed there were quite a few people who could wait
(like me), so here's how to fudge it. The author writes in Japanese,
but you can hardly fail to follow his painstakingly clear

Some extra notes:
- I needed Postgresql support also, and just had to add
"--with-pgsql" to the configure phase and a "-lpq" to the
libphp4.all.a library creation phase. 
- Not guaranteed to work with any other options

If the author of that page is reading, I thank you from the bottom of
my heart. *SALUTE*


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