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Re: qmail, DJB licensing

Reini Urban wrote:

> So we could follow Igor's suggestion providing the sources in the binary
> package and compile it after download.
> At least better than nothing. exim would need a comparative and simplier
> MTA.
> I failed with trying to do some heavy processing with my new postgresql
> postinstall script. The compile step in a postinstall script would need
> to open a seperate console detached from setup.exe probably. Otherwise I
> see no light.

I don't see why you're interested in making an extremely unwieldy
pseudo-binary package for this.  It just seems like a nightmare to
support for both packagers and users, all because DJB won't let you
distribute anything but pristine sources.

Does maildir even work without resorting to managed mounts?  Have you
considered that too?  It sounds like even if it were possible to package
qmail there would be many hurdles that would cause it to be hardly a
"drop-in" package.


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