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Re: qmail, DJB licensing

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
It's vanishingly unlikely that we'll get DJB's approval.


You might check into how the netqmail does this:

They don't seem to offer binaries, so I assume the licensing problems
still exist.

So we could follow Igor's suggestion providing the sources in the binary package and compile it after download.
At least better than nothing. exim would need a comparative and simplier MTA.

I failed with trying to do some heavy processing with my new postgresql postinstall script. The compile step in a postinstall script would need to open a seperate console detached from setup.exe probably. Otherwise I see no light.

Why not concentrate on sendmail or postfix instead?  These days, I don't
think qmail has anything over postfix.  I use all three and prefer

Well, if I had to choose, I would prefer exim over postfix, (having both in production, with funky mysql vhosts and users) and exim is already available as cygwin package. -- Reini Urban

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