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RE: Spurious "You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your syste m."

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of luke.kendall
> Sent: 07 October 2004 07:50

> On  7 Oct, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >  On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 02:49:29PM +1000, 
> wrote:

  Tsk!  CGF!  PCYM!  You too Luke!

> Now you have a situation where cygwin1.dll is loaded in memory from
> across the network.  And if you have Cygwin installed on the local
> machine, you don't get error messages about multiple Cygwin versions
> installed on your PC.  You can run all the Cygwin commands.

  Same thing can also happen if you leave a cygwin-based service running
when you do an update.
> So even knowing that the error message is imprecise and misleading in
> this situation, and that it probably means that Cygwin tried 
> to load up
> cygwin1.dll from a different path to a copy that's already loaded, and
> that it's incompatible with the one that's already loaded, I 
> don't know
> why Cygwin is trying to load this other DLL.

  Standard windoze behaviour is to first search for dlls in the same dir as
the app, only then if not found look in the standard system dirs and path.
> I suspect the error message should be "Attempting to load an
> inconsistent version of cygwin1.dll".
> I freely confess I'm doing something unusual.  Maybe I'm the first
> person on the planet to attempt to automate Cygwin installation via a
> shell script from an already existing and stable copy of Cygwin
> installed elsewhere on the network?

  It's possible.  Is there a reason you aren't using setup.exe?  It's
automatable and easily customisable and it has the benefit in this situation
of being a plain non-cygwin win32 exe.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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