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Re: problem with finding case-sensitive filenames when running DOS batch command with bash shell

At 02:24 PM 10/6/2004, you wrote:

>I'm running cygwin bash shell and have set
>the parameters
>shopt -s nocaseglob
>set completion-ignore-case on
>but I'm still having problems with running a DOS batch command that will not be case-sensitive.

None of the above affects DOS/cmd.exe/ functionality.  It controls
bash/readline functionality.

>dir /s /b filename.txt (I want it to match with name like fileNAME.txt and return filename.txt)
>If I run this x.bat under cygwin bash shell
>the return from dir /s /b command is "file not found".

Works fine for me.  The obvious question is, are you in the directory with 

>What else do I need to set in DOS or bash shell environment
>to allow "dir /s /b" to make the directory search for filename to be case-insensitive?

That's a DOS/Windows question, not a Cygwin one.  So it's really off-topic
here.  However, there is no need to "set" anything for Windows to treat
file names in a case insensitive way.  It does that already (and really 
won't treat them any other way at the cmd/command prompt).  Your problem 
must actually be caused by something else on your machine.

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