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IO problems with Parrot using Cygwin1.dll-1.5.11-1

I am working on Parrot (, a
VM that is in development that will be running Perl6
and hopefully many other languages.  After upgrading
to the 1.5.11-1 version (from 1.5.10-3) of
cygwin1.dll, I am getting mysterious IO behavior when
doing Parrot threading.  Basically it appears that
when a thread finishes the FD is closed and subsequent
prints in a still active thread don't get printed to
the screen.

I have confirmed the behavior is with the cygwin1.dll
by swapping the two around and re-running the tests. 
Unfortunately I am admittedly a novice and have no way
of isolating the problem further.  I checked the
change log in the cygwin1.dll announcement and didn't
see anything that stood out other than very
peripherally (audio FD copying).

For anyone willing to trouble shoot the problem, I
will be more than happy to help get Parrot working
(the latest CVS checkout should build out of the box
if you use a system ICU).  The following command will
illustrate the problem from the directory where Parrot
was installed:

$ perl t/harness --gc-debug --running-make-test -b

Joshua Gatcomb

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