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RE: Mailing list redirection etiquette?

On 10/06/2004 at 04:30:02 AM, cygwin-owner wrote:
it's shouting "TITTTL" at the top of your voice
while running round the room flapping your arms like a chicken!
--- end of excerpt ---

8-)  Oh yeah....  That'll help, near as I can tell there's 95 acronyms 
right now.
there's just 
"Nothing Quite Like Geeks Going Over Board" (I think I'd pronounce that 
one 'nickel gob')

And just to make this post more on topic (which topic, I don't have a 
here's one for you that you don't want to live without.

>From your command prompt, use:
> google cygwin acronym list

If that doesn't work, setup this function:
> typeset -f google
google ()
    for i in $@;
    echo "Starting: $url";
    ~/bin/firefox "$url" &

"The stuff we call "software" is not like anything that human society 
  is used to thinking about. Software is something like a machine, and 
  something like mathematics, and something like language, and 
  something like thought, and art, and information... 
  but software is not in fact any of those other things."
Bruce Sterling - The Hacker Crackdown

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