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[SOLVED] Re: How to make setup not look for external mirrors

Hello Dave and Bertrand,

Great advice! Worked well.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


Dave Korn wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Carlo Florendo
Sent: 06 October 2004 08:51

Hello great cygwin people!

I have mirrored cygwin and made the installation accessible via http on our local web server. There are some boxes that may access only LAN resources and I want those boxes to have cygwin.

When I start running setup on those boxes, I select download from internet (since I have the entire distro on the local http server). Thus, I assume that the local web server accessible via http is the "internet" site where cygwin will be installed from.

Everything is fine until I get to the point of downloading the list of mirrors. Since the boxes do not have Internet connections, they won't be able to download the mirror list. Installation stops from that point.

Is there any way via setup to install cygwin from my local http server?

Build it from the source. First, read the instructions at

to see how to get the source from cvs and what configure options you'll need.
Edit the res.rc file.  Find the resource given by IDS_MIRROR_LST and change it to
point to your local mirror, then put your own mirrors.txt file on your local
mirror with only one entry in it.  This patch will be b0rked by line wrapping, but
it shows you the idea.

Index: res.rc
RCS file: /cvs/cygwin-apps/setup/res.rc,v
retrieving revision 2.56
diff -p -w -u -r2.56 res.rc
--- res.rc      29 Aug 2004 16:59:40 -0000      2.56
+++ res.rc      6 Oct 2004 09:42:32 -0000
    IDS_ROOT_SLASH          "Warning: we recommend you do NOT use the root of y
our hard drive as the cygwin root.  Proceed anyway?"
    IDS_ROOT_SPACE          "You should not choose a root path that include spa
ces in directory names.  Proceed anyway?"
-    IDS_MIRROR_LST          "";
+    IDS_MIRROR_LST          "http://your.local.server/cygwin/mirrors.lst";
    IDS_DIALOG_FAILED       "Unable to create Dialog Box"
    IDS_CYGWIN_FUNC_MISSING "Error: unable to find function `%s' in %s"
    IDS_DOWNLOAD_SHORT      "Download error: %s too short (%d, wanted %d)"

You may also need to delete the following lines from autoload.c if you get link-time errors.

Index: autoload.c
RCS file: /cvs/cygwin-apps/setup/autoload.c,v
retrieving revision 2.5
diff -p -w -u -r2.5 autoload.c
--- autoload.c  30 Aug 2004 16:17:52 -0000      2.5
+++ autoload.c  6 Oct 2004 09:42:32 -0000
@@ -48,12 +48,6 @@ Auto (wininet, HttpSendRequestA, 20);

DLL (advapi32);

-Auto (advapi32, AddAccessAllowedAce, 16);
-Auto (advapi32, AllocateAndInitializeSid, 44);
-Auto (advapi32, FreeSid, 4);
-Auto (advapi32, InitializeAcl, 12);
-Auto (advapi32, OpenProcessToken, 12);
-Auto (advapi32, SetTokenInformation, 16);
Auto (advapi32, OpenSCManagerA, 16);
Auto (advapi32, CloseServiceHandle, 4);
Auto (advapi32, OpenServiceA, 16);

cheers, DaveK

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