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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Experimental package: postgresql-8.0.0cvs-1

--- Reini Urban wrote:
> Patrick Samson schrieb:
> > --- Reini Urban wrote:
> >>==============
> >>
> >>tcl has been removed upstream.
> > Is it definitive?
> yes.
> > Or will it come again in a future release?
> no.
> > If not, what's the recommended replacement
> language?
> C
> It is expected that users will compile the wanted
> language bindings
> by themselves.
> I will try to add tcl and php languages for the
> CYGWIN port, when they 
> seem to work fine.
> For tcl I have a patch, which seems to work,
> for php there is some old code to be compiled,
> and for perl (which is official) there is some very
> new and very good 
> looking extension proposed. Wonder if that will be
> accepted. I seem to 
> like it but maybe Tom Lane has a good motivation not
> to accept it.
> -- 
> Reini Urban

Sorry, I'm a little confused with all the TCL
What is/will be the status of these tcl-related parts
(directory references from 7.3)
1- bin/pgtclsh
2- interfaces/libpgtcl
3- pl/tcl

Are they all removed?

I guess part-2 is dead, according to 8.0
* The JDBC client interface has been removed from the
distribution, and is now hosted at The
TCL client interface has also been removed. There are
several TCL
interfaces now hosted at

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