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Re: Weird bug with cp -f [solution that works for me]

Brian Dessent schrieb:
Dave Miles wrote:
Since re-starting the system and repeating the copy on drive O: (the
newly created NTFS partition that 'cp' worked in) the "magically created
directory" now appears when using 'cp'.

So I tried to re-format it and was denied. On investigation it turned out that Norton System Works had protection enabled on this drive. I disabled it and 'cp' now works again. Also if you check the exclusions on a drive that Norton is protecting you'll see that '\temp' is excluded.

So for me at least disabling Norton Protection on a folder
or drive that I intend to use Cygwin on is the way to go.

Thanks for the resolution, for the archives' sake.

The moral of the story is "Expect illogical issues to crop up if you run
invasive programs that install low-level hooks all throughout various
system APIs."

"... when they come from norton or symantec."

I successfully run perfectly invasive programs which install low-level hooks all throughout various system APIs without any problem for years.

Sysinternals hooks, AVPersonal virus guard. But I wouldn't expect this to work without any problems if the name symantec or mcafee is involved.

Reini Urban

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