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Re: whole cygwin release/ distribution issues

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 10:16:51PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
Ah, I see.  You meant something different.  Just a bugzilla or mantis
"Know issues" site.  A bugtracker.  Couldn't ITP's be tracked also

Hmm, I'll think of it. I'd need shell access to sourceware then.

You wouldn't need shell access to use bugzilla.

We could use bugzilla, I suppose, and let everyone maintain things, but
the prospect of that has always scared me after our experience with the
cygwin todo list.  I can see carefully setting up categories for bug
reporting and then seeing "setup not work" in the cygwin DLL category.

Very good idea. But I didn't setup bugzilla lately. Heard it got better.

We already have bugzilla on sourceware. I even started setting up some cygwin categories a while ago before I started scaring myself by imagining the scenarios of cygwin users actually using bugzilla.

I'm sure that there is something frighteningly non-obvious about
bugzilla's use which, while we receive no complaints for gcc, eCos, or
any other project, would cause brain aneurysms for some cygwin users and
would cause an increase in email traffic here.

Regardless, it's probably time to consider using a formal method to
track problems.  The distribution has surely gotten big enough for that.

Actually, I think that one of the 3+ developers even volunteered to
help maintain bugzilla when I mentioned this on cygwin-developers.

Ok. Just an additional entry in the "Product" list at

Ok, I volunteer to admin this.
Though I believe someone with shell acces to bugzilla could do it better:
* setup maintainer accounts,
* automatic mail to package maintainer on tracker updates,
* automatic sync with some TBD package maintainership
  package - email list
* automatic sync of the bugzilla Cygwin Components with
  the package list.

My account is this email account of mine.
Maybe other developers are interested also.

Product: add "Cygwin"

  Should probably be based on the cygwin dll versions:
         latest snapshot

The Components have to be synched with the package list (setup.ini). This should be done automatically.
The rest can stay as is.
Reini Urban

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