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RE: whole Cygwin release/ distribution issues

Reini Urban wrote:

> Expected problems:
> * freshly added gif support in libgd
> * libungif pending and problematic X dependencies for libtool.
> * sysbash package pending (to test service problems)
> * ExplorerHere package pending (often requested feature)

Eh? Just out of curiosity; is this anything else than:

	$ cygstart DIRECTORY


	$ cygstart .
	$ cygstart /
	$ cygstart '<any valid windows DIR path>'

for the current dir, cygwin root and Win/Dos style path... ?

 cygstart /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/COMMAND/
will launch COMMAND.COM if you have Win98 installed in C:\WINDOWS\
(Not explorer on the directory .../COMMAND/ )

I believe this is a side effect of current *stat() implementation, isn't it?

> * perl layout (better upgrade convenience)
> * layout stuff:
>    where to put optional or contrib binaries, not to pollute the path
>    /usr/lib/<package>/bin/ probably
> * xemacs 21.5 ?? (japanese need mule support)

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