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Re: cron and copying files across drives: how? wrote:

> I tried going into Services Manager and changing the login information for
> the cron service, but it wouldn't allow it to run (service ended
> unexpectedly error)
> I even added login as a service rights to myuser, but that didn't work.

Files that were previously owned by SYSTEM would have had to be chown'd
to your user account, or sufficient rights granted.  The log file, the
crontabs themselves, config files, directories, etc. -- basically
anything that crond needs to be able to read or write and was previously
owned by SYSTEM.  Once you did that it probably would have run fine.

> I discovered ps -afW works for displaying Windows processess (not just
> cygwin's) with useri'ds attached - cron shows up as either '0' or
> 'Everyone' depending on which box I'm using
> (haven't researched why 2 cygwin installations behave differentlly - don't
> consider it important in this case)

You probably need to run mkpasswd and mkgroup to generate or update the
/etc/passwd and /etc/group files.


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