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Re: Fixing quoting in Outlook (Was RE: Request for a version/ rev ision/ release number for the whole Cygwin release/ distribution)

Fred Kulack wrote:

> Yeah, I use Outlook Express or Lotus Notes.
> I never know what the hell you all are talking about WRT this topic...
> You mean you can display messages other than time (or another column)
> ordered?
> Hmmm... Interesting...

Good god, how do you get anything done without threading?  It's
essential to reading mailing lists.  A good example of what it's
supposed to look like is to look at the Gmane archives, for example:    Notice that there's a
tree structure formed by replies?  That's how mail is supposed to work,
and is how any decent MUA will display it (if you choose "threaded"
mode.)  I can't comprehend how anyone can follow more than the smallest
of mailing lists without having messages organized into threads.  Maybe
this explains why the practise  of proper quoting has also become more
rare, to be replaced by that terrible "top post and include the entire
original at the end" mode that all Microsoft email products default to. 
The person that thought that one up needs to be tortured, long and hard.


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