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Re: where are my symbols?

Danny wrote:
> Gerrit wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I see the following:
>> I link four objects togehter in a DLL:
>> gcc -shared -o .libs/cyggconfbackend-oldxml.dll      \
>>  -Wl,--out-implib,.libs/libgconfbackend-oldxml.dll.a \
>>  .libs/xml-cache.o .libs/xml-dir.o .libs/xml-entry.o  \
>>  .libs/xml-backend.o ${LIBS}
>> Now I get this in the import library:
>> $ nm  .libs/libgconfbackend-oldxml.dll.a | grep ' T '
>> 00000000 T _gconf_backend_get_vtable
>> 00000000 T _g_module_check_init
>   < snip >
>> It seems that only the symbols from the fourth object have arrived in
>> the library.  What is going on here and how can I track this down?

> Are the two symbols in fourth object marked as dllexport.  This will
> override
> --export-all, so you may need to add that switch explicitly.

Yep, correct:

G_MODULE_EXPORT const gchar*
g_module_check_init (GModule *module)
  gconf_log(GCL_DEBUG, _("Initializing XML backend module"));


  return NULL;

G_MODULE_EXPORT GConfBackendVTable* 
  return &xml_vtable;

Thank you,

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