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Re: Where is the documentation for installing Win2K services for cvs, ftp, rlogin, inetd?

Siegfried Heintze wrote:

> I've performed full installations of cygwin on two different computers in
> June and yesterday preformed an update on one. I still don't have this file
> /usr/doc/cygwin/cron.README on either computer.

/usr/doc is the old location.  Your insistance on relying on a post
marked 2001 led you wrong.  To comply with the FHS, all documentation
belongs under /usr/share/doc.  If there are still packages using
/usr/doc it's becuase they have not been updated or were made in error.

> Perhaps it would ease my sense of frustration if I understood the logic
> behind having three different directories for documentation. There is
> /usr/doc/cygwin/, /usr/share/doc and /usr/doc. Have I missed any?

/usr/doc is obsolete and shouldn't be used.

/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/* is for Cygwin-specific documentation.  That is,
things that are specific ONLY to Cygwin and have been added by the
Cygwin packagers.

/usr/share/doc/(name)/* is where upstream documentation goes.  These are
files that come from the original software package, and are typically
not specific to Cygwin at all.

If you were looking so hard for what files came with the "cron" package,
just type "cygcheck -l cron".  This works for any package.  You can see
that there is a Cygwin-specific README and several upstream documents.

> Oh -- just to prove my point: I just found (while composing this message)

Your point being?  That you erroniously latched on to an ancient post
with outdated info?

> Why does not c:/cygwin/usr/share/doc/cvs-1.11.17/README contain the
> instructions for installing the W2K service for cvs? 

Because that is information specific to Cygwin, and would not be
included in the upstream package -- unless the upstream package natively
supports Cygwin (somewhat rare) or is itself a Cygwin project.

> Where are the instructions for this? 
There's no specific instructions for running CVS as a service because
this is a pretty rare thing to do.  Unless you need pserver support it's
much easier to just set CVS_RSH=ssh and run it that way.  This only
requires sshd running on the remote server with the regular cvs client

I think you'd be better off reading the red-bean book ( ) than you will ever be looking for a
readme file that explains the exact thing you want to do.

> Where are the instructions for starting the services that implement rlogin
> and ftp?

sshd is the preferred way of doing remote logins.  rlogin is obsolete
and insecure, and there's very little support for it in cygwin.  sshd
can do everything rlogin can and do it better, and there's lots of
support for installing it as a service.

I cannot address the rest of your email as it amounts to "How do I do
<x>?"  All I can say is "read whatever files came in the <x> package,
read the manpages for <x>, read info pages for <x>, go to the home page
for <x>, look for a book on <x>".


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