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RE: A good way to test if cygwin isn't installed?

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> If you have cygwin programs available to you, then use the mount
>> command. If the only output from the mount command is of the
>> "noumount" variety then cygwin isn't installed in any meaningful way.
> Personally I would consider the existence or non-existence of
> cygwin1.dll to be a more definitive measure of whether or not Cygwin
> is installed in a "meaningful" way.
I think it may be possible to cygwin installed and not have it in the path,
if it's started from a bat or cmd that modifies the path etc...
anyway, finding cygwin1.dll may be a slow process. It might be better to
access the registry, this jscript uses the windows scripting host, so won't
work on older boxes unless wsh is there, but as a proof of concept it may be

---- start ----
// JScript.

var wsh     = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell") ;
var KEY9X   = "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\" ;
var OsRoot  = "?" ;
var CygRoot = "Cygwin Not Found" ;

try { 
  OsRoot = wsh.RegRead(KEY9X+"Version")
  } catch(err) {}
  if ( OsRoot != "?" ) {                             // Win9x or Me
    cygkey = "This needs determining - I have no 9x box to test" ;
    try {	 
      CygRoot = wsh.RegRead(cygkey);
      } catch(err) {}
  else {                                            // NT or 2000
    var cygkey = "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Cygnus Solutions\\Cygwin\\mounts
    try {	 
      CygRoot = wsh.RegRead(cygkey);
      } catch(err) {}

---- end ----
when run it should give the foder mounted as '/'. It also won't work on a
9X/ME box as I don't know the registry key for that without digging.
When I get home I may have time to hack this together as a standalone, if
anyone is interested.
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