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Re: A good way to test if cygwin isn't installed?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:51:01PM +1000, wrote:

I just wanted to run an idea past the list.

I want to write a shell script to test if Cygwin has been installed on the machine running the shell script.

I do this by running a shell (from a network install of Cygwin if necessary).

If Cygwin is installed on the local machine, then "cygpath -w /" returns something like "c:\cygwin". (Good for discovering what drive Cygwin was installed on, right?) If Cygwin has not been installed, "cygpath -w /" returns a plain old backslash.

That's fine - maybe even great. My question: is that a reliable way to perform that test? It seems good to me.

If you have cygwin programs available to you, then use the mount command. If the only output from the mount command is of the "noumount" variety then cygwin isn't installed in any meaningful way.

Personally I would consider the existence or non-existence of cygwin1.dll to be a more definitive measure of whether or not Cygwin is installed in a "meaningful" way.

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