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RE: Cygwin df -l option has wrong sense?

Hughes, Bill wrote:
> wrote:
> ..snip..
>> Certainly ":" is reserved in Windows for use only with drive letters.
> <ObNitPick>
> Not strictly true - the colon is also used in NTFS for streams 
> (or data forks).
> </ObNitPick>
I realise this is not directly applicable to whether a drive is local but
it's the sort of thing that can bite when hacking this sort of code. Streams
can also mess up your free space calculations too, which is more to the
point. IIRC GetDiskFreeSpace doesn't allow for the space taken by streams.

> I would have thought it should really be looking at the filesystem type,
> not the syntax of the mount point.  And I hereby confess that I don't
> actually know the system call used to determine the filesystem type.
That would be GetDriveType in kernel32 I expect.
I've had a quick look at the code and I obviously need to brush up on my C,
I can't follow what's going on, I thought this would be a good place to
start working with the source and gcc. I presume I only need the source for
fileutils here?
>>>  P.S. The mount type fix is still on my TODO list :-(
> They certainly are, that's why I have so many. :-)
Err, I snipped the wrong bit sorry. it should have been:

> Aren't TODO lists wonderful?  :-)
They certainly are....

Isn't attempted humour really sad when it goes wrong and was marginal in the
first place?

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