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X not recognizing keyboard input

If I have directed this e-mail to an incorrect list, please inform me rather
than flaming me and I will go and stand in the corner for an hour or so
and then re-send to the correct list.
I am trying to use cygwin to provide X access to a linux system. On 
the cygwin system I execute
$ xhost +
$ xterm -g 100x100+0+0 -bg red -e ssh -l mylogin mylinuxhost
I then complete the login and execute
$ export DISPLAY=mycygwinhost:0.0
$ kde &
and, lo and behold, I get a KDE session and can load evolution, konsole,
Problem is it seems as though keyboard input is not being received or
Any ideas what I am doing wrong/not doing right? Also, I know from years
back that there is a simpler way to do this (used to configure humming
bird to not require all the interaction above) but can't remember how,
anybody want to refresh my memory?
If anybody takes the trouble to respond to this, could you also ensure that
the address is also copied as I will be working on
this from home and don't have access to this e-mail address from there

Kind Regards,
Mike Kenny
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