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Re: seg-vios from gcc program at execv() on Windows XP

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> > Note that the code is _rock_solid_ on Linux/Unix/Mac OSX, and on all
> > earlier versions of Windows we've ever tried it on. We've _never_ seen it
> > seg-vio before.
> Please provide a complete (hopefully simple) testcase, along with the
> compilation flags, etc.  In particular, it'd be interesting to see how
> nargv is allocated, etc.  I suspect you're not placing a NULL at the end
> of the argument list, and Cygwin and Linux allocate nargv differently (so
> that on Linux, nargv just happens to have zeroed memory after it).

Almost; right issue, wrong problem. It turned out not that there wasn't a
terminating NULL but that there was an extra one, one past where it
should have been! This kind of problem is, apparently, _very_ easy to
overlook and I guess we just got away with it in the past. -shrug-

I want to thank you for taking the time to reply, Igor. I was awfully
stressed out about it. Even though it wasn't really a Cygwin problem, you
were supportive and I appreciagte it.

> > (BTW ping and dig utilities would be nice!)
> FWIW, XP (and 2k) come with "`cygpath -S`/ping.exe" and
> "`cygpath -S`/nslookup.exe".

??  ...Doesn't do _anything_ on my computer! -smile-

(Maybe I'd better to a hunt for them as they aren't in my path today.)


Richard Troy, Chief Scientist
Science Tools Corporation, 510-567-9957,

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