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RE: cp to flash drive very slow

you ( wrote on  :

> Well, yes.  The flash drive is a Sandisk Cruzer Mini which is USB 2.0
> with fallback to 1.1.  The computer is a Dell Dimension 4600 which
> claims eight USB 2.0 connectiors.  Running Windows XP.

Right, then we know. ;-)
> I don't think caching is the difference.  I was able to unzip the .zip
> file right after xcopy had copied it.

...which doesn't proove a thing about caching or not.
> Is there anything faster than cp for copying out of the cygwin tools?
> I'm working out some scripts to share files between my work machine
> and my home machine using the flash drive.  I could use xcopy but
> then I'd have to go through the filename translation doohicky.
> dar

*** Untested **** suggestion:


src="/home/dar/personal-projects /projects/"
dst="/cygdrive/z" # for the USB drive

for d in $src; do
  find $d -type d | (
  while read dir; do
    # cannot be used on SHARES
    mkdir -p "$dst/$dir"
    # assuming xcopy is in PATH
    xcopy "$(cygpath -D "$dir")" "$(cygpath -D "$dst/$dir")"

Does it need to be more complex?

Otherwise the cygwin 'rsync' or 'unison' packages might be useful... 
Others might be able to help with them.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE Microcomputer systems            --72-->

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