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Re: Cygserver 100% CPU (was: References to both cygwin1.dll and msvcrt.dl

Just after this post, I ran into the hang.
So pgAdmin II is no better, may be just a little
more difficult to fire the hang.

Still searching ...

--- Patrick Samson wrote:
> > Special note for Postgresql users:
> > So far I can only reproduce this problem if these
> > 3 conditions are met:
> > - many connections (20, 25, 27) doing a simple
> > - a script running SELECT, CREATE/DROP TABLE/INDEX
> > ...
> > - a pgAdmin III connected (but without activity)
> > (Postgresql version 7.3.6)
> Doesn't fail by just changing pgAdmin III with
> pgAdmin II.
> What's the difference?
> III tries first to talk in protocol V3 with the PG
> backend. If the backend doesn't understand this
> version, which the case for v7.3.6,
> pgAdmin falls back to protocol V2 and things go on.
> We can see it in the PG log with:
>  FATAL:  unsupported frontend protocol
> Does it mean that the backend did something wrong
> with the IPCs when refusing V3 ...?

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