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Re: ssh-agent: Cygwin version problems

I've discovered that some of the information in my post below is

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 10:54:29 -0400, Duncan Murdoch
<> wrote:

>I've been using OpenSSH with Cygwin for a while now, very
>successfully. Thanks to all who put this together.
>I'd like to set up my machine for remote logins now, which makes me
>much more security conscious:  using an old version of OpenSSH is not
>really an option.
>However, I can't find a way to get the latest OpenSSH to work without
>messing up ssh-agent in the sense that it becomes strongly attached to
>the bash window in which it was started.  With the versions I've got
>now, I can start ssh-agent, and an ssh tunnel, and then close the
>window, and those processes keep running.  This is very nice!
>As soon as I upgrade Cygwin, or the base files, this stops working.
>The bash window refuses to close; if I tell Windows to shut it down,
>it kills ssh-agent and ssh as well.

This is wrong.  ssh-agent is fine, it was ssh running some tunnels
that was creating the zombie windows.  I had a command line

ssh -N -f -L [tunnel 1] -L [tunnel 2] [user@host] >/dev/null
2>/dev/null </dev/null 

and this worked in the old Cygwin, but not after upgrading.

I've switched to using Putty for the tunnelling, and now Cygwin
windows are fine, so this isn't an urgent problem for me any more.

Duncan Murdoch

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