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Re: bash, filename completion and spaces in path components [was RE: SSH Environment]

Dave Korn wrote:

I use the same trick myself because a lot of apps can't handle a filename with a space in it, not even if it gets correctly escaped and passed through to argv, but I've never known bash filename completion to have a problem: it escapes all the spaces and other metachars beautifully. Sometimes I use it just to save me having to figure out what needs escaping and what doesn't. What problem do you see?

Forgive me! I misspoke! One place where it helps me is with Clearcase. Clearcase uses the M drive for views. On Unix it uses /view. So I map /cygdrive/m -> /view. Then it's the same in Unix and under Cygwin.

But also, things like C:/Prog<tab> don't work. Yeah you can /cygdrive/c/Prog<tab>/MyApp<tab> but that's a lot of typing, compared to /app/MyApp<tab>. Similarly with /cygdrive/m/<viewname><tab> compared to /view/<viewname><tab>.
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