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Re: select call does block unless data arrives at socket (when waiting for serial port and ip socket)

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 11:09:03PM +0200, Stefan Mahr wrote:
>I want to use select() to wait for a serial port and a ip socket.
>Following problem:
>If data arrives the serial port, select() works as aspected and returns 1.
>If data arrives the ip socket, select() doesn't return.
>If data arrives the serial port and before there was some data at the ip 
>select() returns 2. Both file descriptors are set in "fd_set input", and 
>all data
>can be read by the next functions.
>I am using the cygwin1.dll  version 1.5.11 with Windows XP.
>(The same problem with previous versions of cygwin1.dll.)

I'm not sure that there is anyone around who can debug serial problems
unless Brian Ford still is set up to look into this.

If you are interested in investigating this problem yourself, the two
affected files in cygwin are and


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