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Re: 'which' command does not expand '~' in path (base-files update needed)

> cgf wrote:
>> Dropping the quotes from the original example will just cause
>> everything to work correctly everywhere.
>> John Morrison, would you mind doing this, please?
> Hi cgf,
> As I said, I wasn't following this thread for a while, so here are the
> changes I'll do (I'm also trying to clean the scripts up as much as
> possible).  I'll not be able to upload a version until tonight though, I
> don't have the code base with me...
> /etc/profile:
> remove quotes from lines 23, 36 and 29
> brace ${...} all variables
> change ~ to ${HOME} on lines 193, 195 and 197
> /etc/skel/.bash_profile (via default versions)
> remove quotes from lines 13, 18 and 23
> change ~ to ${HOME} on lines 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 22 and 23
> If people didn't remove these files prior to the last upgrade they must
> remove them before this upgrade otherwise they will not be overwritten.

The above changes have been done...


Are there any other changes needed?


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