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Re: cygserver won't start (FAQ alert)[SOLVED]

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
One thing, when I installed this cygwin I checked the "Install For Just Me"
option. Could this have anything to do with it?

Bingo.  As I was reading your message, I thought "he should check that he
has system mounts".  You've just confirmed that you don't.  Re-mount all
of your mounts as "system", and your services will work.

David, this is definitely an FAQ, but there is nothing in the FAQ about
services (other than the "how do I install snapshots" entry).  Should we
add something along the lines:

Why don't my services work?

  Most Windows services run as the SYSTEM user.  If you installed Cygwin
  for "Just Me", the SYSTEM user won't see the mount table.  You need to
  re-mount all of your mounts as "system" for services to work.

We could even include the recipe for remounting as system (e.g., from
<>), or tell them to run
setup.exe again and select "All Users" on the "Install For" screen (and
use the "Keep" view, so that nothing gets upgraded accidentally).

Thank you (all) ever so very much.

I had no idea what it took to "re-mount all your mounts as system" but I did the {eval "`mount -m | sed -e 's/ -u / -s /g' -e 's/$/;/'`"} from the msg referenced above and it now works like a charm.

(There are some occasional other users of this machine and I don't really want them to have access to something as powerful as cygwin so re-installing for all users was definitely not the preferred solution.)

Hmmm. I wonder if this will help another installation where "Task Scheduler" jobs don't seem to have access to windows network drives. Worth a try.

Thanks again,

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