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Re: Problems on Itanium: Found the Cause, What's Next?

On Sep 28 16:32, Alexei Alexandrov wrote:
> If you compile this code with 32-bit compiler and then run it on 64-bit Server 2003 it will crash. At the same time it 
> works on 32-bit machines.

It also works fine on a x86_64 machine in 32 bit mode.

> So the questions is to cygwin developers: what can be done next? I\'ve found file with particular platforms 
> capability descriptions. I\'ve tried to set has_working_copy_on_write to false when IsWow64Process return true and it 
> seems to work, but how can I be sure that I didn\'t break anything else? Are there any tests or something? And generally 
> is this fix OK? Which drawbacks can it have? If the fix is OK - let me know, I will provide a patch.

No, because this would also exclude x86_64 machines.

Actually I'm somewhat in doubt that CreateFileMapping/MapVieOfFile
functionality should actually be so broken on the ia64 platform.
Are you really sure that the culprit isn't somewhere else?
Your test application uses a very common idiom, so I'd guess that
a lot more applications would fail miserably on ia64 in 32 bit mode.


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